The Adventures of Puff and Pooh

Hey kids, I'm Puff . . . or am I Pooh?  Follow me for the adventures of Puff and Pooh, two stray kittens who were rescued from the SPCA animal shelter.


Chato's Kitchen
Chato's Kitchen

Pooh and "Planter Cat"

pooh_and_plaster_cat.jpg (496x380 -- 34938 bytes)

No silly, that's not Puff hiding behind Pooh. It's a flower vase.

We found this "Ming Dynasty era" planter at Walmart mistakenly priced at $2.98. Those ancient Chinese must have been clairvoyant to create a perfect pottery replica of Puff.

If you're a cat lover, discovering such treasures is always an unexpected surprise.  If you're like most people, you have trouble telling us apart. 

See if you can tell who is Puff and who is Pooh...

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