The Adventures of Puff and Pooh

Hey kids, I'm Puff . . . or am I Pooh?  Follow me for the adventures of Puff and Pooh, two stray kittens who were rescued from the SPCA animal shelter.



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on Moving Day

c229.gif (165x229 -- 28399 bytes)Mom and Dad decided to move our family from Texas to Montana. Moving to a new home is always a big job, but moving 2000 miles away with two cats and a dog was a colossal challenge.  Montana?  We had never heard of a place called Montana.  I found out that it is all the way up at the top of our country, just below Canada.  I also found out it is a BIG state.  It took us one full day just to drive across it.

Dad drove the big trailer and Pepper rode with him to keep him company.  Puff and Pooh traveled in mom's vehicle following behind the big moving van. It took us almost four days to drive from Texas to Montana and we visited new States like Colorado and Wyoming and South Dakota.

It was quite an adventure, but it did get a little cramped.  We were not used to being in such a small space as a car - there just wasn't room to run around!  But, laying in the window with the sun shining down was purrrrrrrfect.

We liked the evenings when we'd stop at a motel and could run around our room. But mostly, we liked it when we arrived at our new home. Montana is a beautiful place and they have all kinds of other furry animals.

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