The Adventures of Puff and Pooh

Hey kids, I'm Puff . . . or am I Pooh?  Follow me for the adventures of Puff and Pooh, two stray kittens who were rescued from the SPCA animal shelter.

Tickle the kitty


Move your cursor around the picture and watch what happens...

How many things can you count that this kitty can do? 

1?  3?  6?  More?

Train Your Cat to Use the Human Toilet... REALLY!

Follow These Tips & Youll Never Have to Buy or Scoop Litter Again!  The three Ps of toilet training three simple steps and your cat will be using the toilet in no time!  Recent studies have indicated that toilet-trained cats are happier and healthier than cats that use a litter box.
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yes, you CAN potty train your cats!

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