Hey kids, I'm Puff . . . or am I Pooh?  Follow me for the adventures of Puff and Pooh, two stray kittens who were rescued from the SPCA animal shelter.

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P L E A S E    P A R D O N    O U R    C A T    F U R    W H I L E    W E    T I D Y    U P    O U R    SITE




Veterinary/Health Resources
PLANTS TOXIC TO CATS Homepage, kept by Amby Duncan-Carr
Cat Welfare Trust - kept by Charity run GCCF
Cornell Feline Health Center, kept by June Tuttle
Feline Chronic Renal Failure, kept by Carol DiFiori,
Holiday Hazards, vitamin D toxicity, insecticide risks, antifreeze poisoning
NetVet's Cat pages, kept by Dr Ken Boschert
Feline Epilepsy
Feline Behavior Counseling, with Renee Wrede, U.S.A.
Forever Pets, Inc. Pet Loss Web Site
Newer Methods For Treating FeLV+ Cats - Maintained by: James G. Wilson
http://www.dr-cookie.comBEHAVIOUR, by Dr. Stefanie Schwartz
Nutrition, Behaviour & Alternative treatments for cats, other general information
Feline Veterinary Hospital - kept by Dr. Gary D. Norsworthy


Cat Accessory Shopping (essentials)

Purrsonal Touch – the name associated with everything you ever wanted for your cat, and more besides. Scratching posts, litter trays, bedding, cat food, etc – they are all here.

British Handmade Quality Clothing & Pet Bedding

All Breed Clubs
Foot of the Rockies Cat Club
Happy Household Pet Cat Club
Online Feline Fanciers, kept by Jean Marie Diaz,
Trřnderkatten - a local cat club in Trondheim, Norway, kept by Annelise Wara
Wisconsin Cat Club. - kept by Dawn Bumgardner
The Cat Authority of Victoria Inc. - kept by Keryn Rivett
Aloha Cat Fanciers - CFA affiliated all breed cat club in Hawaii
Cat Interest Sites

A large very interesting site to suit most surfers.   Moggies - Home of the online cat guide, free cat helpfiles, free programs and screensavers, lots more information for cat lovers everywhere, questions and answers. is the ultimate cat lovers meeting place. We offer an opportunity for you to submit your own news/stories, your very own photo gallery you can submit photos of your feline friends to, forums to meet with other cat lovers from around the world, a growing array of cat-related articles, and much more. Come celebrate those wonderful creatures we all know and love.

Breed Clubs
KoratWorld - kept by Donatella Mastrangelo
The Atlantic Himalayan Club - Himalayans kept by Kathy Durdick
Founders International Singapuras, the US and Worldwide Club for the Singapura
Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club, kept by Julia May
Russian Blues Breeders Association in the UK, kept by Keith Anderson
Singapura Cat Club in the UK, kept by Debbie van den Berg,
Korat Cat Fanciers Association - kept by Jean Robinson
The Turkish Van Cat Club in the UK
Western Abyssinian Cat Club
SARA is an International and independent club for breeders and owners of Sphynx and Rex cats.
Interessengemeinschaft Birma, kept by Marcus Skupin, Germany
Breedclub for silver and golden Persians and Exotics (germany)
The Maine Coon Cat Club in the UK
The Siamese Internet Cat Club
Skogkattslingan, a Swedish Norwegian Forest Cat Club
Red Cream & Tortoiseshell Cat Society - British Shorthairs & Persians kept by RCT Society RCT Society
Burmese Cat Club of South Australia - kept by Rosemary Taffijn
Sacred Birman Fanciers Group of Southern Africa



American Curl

American Wirehair

Angora (GCCF)
Oriental Longhair (US)
Javanese (FIFe)
Palantir Angoras kept by Julia May

inc. Bombay,
Burmilla, Tiffanie
Alanjan Tiffanies kept by Alan & Janet Robinson(U.K.)
Vervain (GCCF) kept by Naomi Johnson

Shimergae Balinese, kept by Louvain Woodmass
Jananda Cats by Jan Holland & Malcolm Nicholson.
Llandar Cattery - Bengals kept by Mike and Anne Randall

Vanaheim Birmans, kept by Lindsey Grant
Ark Birmans in Scotland - Birmans kept by Mary Holder
British Shorthair
breeders of white, black, blue, black-tipped (silver shaded)
Welqust Cattery - British Shorthairs kept by Anne & Alex Welsh
Sardross Cattery
British Shorthair Breeders.
Jananda Cats by Jan Holland & Malcolm Nicholson.

Cornish Rex
Bodwin Rexes...kept by Susanna Bugge
Devon Rex
Bodwin Rexes...kept by Susanna Bugge

Egyptian Mau

Exotic Shorthair

Japanese Bobtail

Primprau's Korats
Maine Coon


Norwegian Forest Cat


Oriental Shorthair

Persian or
Alley Cat (NLKV)(Belgium)
Aglaos (FIFe)(Czech Rep)
DK Mizakhan (FIFE, JYRAK)(Denmark)
Suzycat (SRK (FIFe)(Finland)
Chatterie du Domaine des Petites Peluches (AFAP)
Caithnesscattery (FIFe, 1. DEKZVe.V.)(Germany)
Dreilinien (FIFE, CFA)(Germany)
Plush-Paw's (CFA, SDRV)(Germany)
Melittas Edelkatzen vom Schwanenort (FIFe)(Germany)
Eraser (CFA and TICA)(Malaysia)
Commodore's (CFA, NPV,NKFV)(Holland)
(N) Mushanga (FIFe)(Norway)
Ormeryds (FIFe)(Sweden)
Bocasanas (FIFE/CFA)(Sweden)
S*Gremlin's (SVERAK,FIFe)(Sweden)
S*Sequoyahs (FIFe, SVERAK)(Sweden)
Sharamka (GCCF)(U.K.)
Caszan (GCCF)(U.K.)
Hadfields (CFA.GCCF)(U.K.)
Shakirah, Shakierah (GCCF, CFA)(U.K.)
Noradawn (CFA, GCCF)(U.K.)


Russian Blue


RoyalSiam (ACFA, FIFe, TICA)(Argentina)
van Daalmeer (Neocat)(Holland)

Sibano Siberians- Beautiful well socialized kittens from Champion lines.
To contact us e-mail Jonathan and Kris Hirst at
We are Located in Illinois.

Scottish Fold


The Little Lynx (1. DEKZV e.V.)(Germany)
(N) Tiurleikens (FIFE)(Norway)
Szt. Lászlói (FAMKAT)(Hungary)

Turkish Angora
Nazarlik Cattery ..Beautiful Turkish Angoras kept by Pia Nyman
Turkish Van

Pet Related gifts
By Clair Carter-Gin
Howard Cossman's Cat Art Gallery
"A Complete Pet Shop In Your Mailbox"
Nature of site is "Cat Note Cards by Charles Fredrick"
Postaprint have some 200.000 Antique Maps & Engravings - quite a few which relate to CATS, kept by William D. J. Bennett
"Natural Scratch For Natural Cats," by Ted Schaar, roygbivdesigns, U.S.A.
Classycat - fine gifts for cats and cat lovers, kept by Cindy Mellott
Nutritional gel products for dogs and cats.
"Cat Collectibles -Cat Inspired Gift Shopping Including Home Decor, Clothing, and Jewelry by Kathy DeHoll from the USA."
Quality, Specialty Items catering to the Cat Lover! For cats and their owners.
Gifts and Collectibles including calendars, figurines, prints, mugs, jewelry, toys and more. Location: USA
The Catnip Trading Company
The page is called "Happy Cats" by Terry Davis in Nevada City, California.
A large lineup of personalizable cat figurines and etchings.
Artistic Products for Pet Lovers offering unique art and gifts for pet owners and animal lovers.
Catsbuzz Bookstore
Catnip toys by Marie
Strouble Cat Art Gallery
Purr-fections - the Cat-alog for Feline Fanciers
A Collection of Cat Paintings by Monica Van der Weer
RI Cat Art - kept by Heidi Shaulis
Ina's Customs - Cat Show Cage Curtains and Accessories - kept by Ina Grove
Creature Cookies - kept by Becky Schoepflin
Curious Cats Personalized Prints - Cat Prints and Cat Alphabet Pictures kept by Jez Cuer - Over 1300 business links to products for cats and cat lovers! kept by Heidi Barnett
Beautiful Ceramic Sculptures showing the graceful lines of the Siamese.
The Cat Pole - the ultimate scratching post and cat toy kept by Troy Howard
http:/ - kept by Ellen Sinaiko
James Jordan Studio - Professional Pastel or Oil Portraits of Cats - kept by James Jordan
Awesome Kitty Towers - kept by Cynthia Tottleben

Rescue Organisations
The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a UK
charity and the oldest animal welfare organization in the world. It works to
promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals.
Caring For Cats - a UK based Cat Charity
The National Animal Protection Network.
Heartland Humane Society is a non profit organization, dedicated to caring for the communities' homeless animals and promoting the human/animal bond. Our
main goal is to end needless euthanasia by encouraging spaying and neutering of pet animals.Based in USA / Oregon / Corvallis
Animal Friends Online -- Links to Cat-Related Sites - Provides organized, annotated links to General Cat Care, Behavior, Training, Health, Organizations,
Publications, Pictures, Humor, GIFs, etc. kept by Amby Duncan-Carr
Harmony House for Cats (a no-kill cageless cat shelter) Chicago, IL USA
Lake County Pet Adoption League is a non-profit organization that would like to formally invite you to our grand opening of our new web site. Stop in and
look aroud at some of our homeless friends that are looking for a warm loving home.
Los Angeles rescue organizations, shelters, and what they do in rescue.
A list of all the low-cost vets in Los Angeles and what they charge, and low cost shot clinics.
A charitable organisation based in the Clyde Valley in Scotland
The Humane Society of Ottawa-Carleton
Unofficial Humane Society of Ottawa-Carleton homepage
Siobhan's Foster cats and kittens (Canada)
Ragdoll Rescue - kept by Wendy Taker
Meower Power Feral Cal Coalition, Inc. - kept by Laura Russell
Website for a volunteer regional feral cat rescue group whose purpose is to set up and monitor feral colonies, rescue, socialize and adopt feral kittens, educate
the public, and support low cost Spay/Neuter programs.
Project Purr - kept by John H. Entwistle
Pib's list of Cat Shelters and Rescue Efforts
Rescue & Adoption Center - Siamese kept by Lorraine Czerniak
Siamese Rescue Central - kept by Siri Wine
Gothic Cat Rescue Website - All black cats kept by Carrie Laben
Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary - kept by Torre Argentina