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Hey kids, I'm Puff . . . or am I Pooh?  Follow me for the adventures of Puff and Pooh, two stray kittens who were rescued from the SPCA animal shelter.

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The Black Food Dish Among kitties, there is a legend of a black food dish which mysteriously appears every few years
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Cat Scans Cat Scans...a place on the web where everyone can memorialize their favorite feline!

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Kitty Controversy!

Being a cat owner you know there are some red-hot, controversial issues about cat health. Well my friend, if you love your cat, then this may be the most thought-provoking message you may ever read!  If you've ever asked yourself, "Should I ...

paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) use clumping kitty litter?"
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) declaw my cat?"
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) vaccinate or not?"
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) spay or neuter?" ...read on

Most of the strong opinions on any of these issues means that someone has a stake in the outcome ... more often than not - money is to be made.  A book called Cat Health Secrets presents an unbiased view of the facts. You'll learn both sides of each issue and uncover pertinent information that will help you make your own informed decision.  Cat Health Secrets is your very own Cat Medical Encyclopedia!  You'll know...

paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) What type of food cats MUST eat!
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) why you can’t feed your cat like your dog. 
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) The 6 most important considerations when choosing your vet.
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) What NEVER to do to your cat’s food…doing this could “starve” them even though they're eating
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) Are supplements right for your kitty ... or are they actually harmful?
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) 8 quick and easy monthly duties that prevent health disasters in the future
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) The TRUTH about declawing
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) Why cats don’t suffer from separation anxiety (dogs do!)
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) How you cat’s instincts can be harmful ... even fatal ... and how to protect her
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) What food NEVER to feed because of harmful pathogens
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) What food almost always leads to urinary tract infections and diseases
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) 6 critical precautions to make your home safe for your cat
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) Which house plants could poison your cat
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) Over 50 outdoor plants and trees that are TOXIC if your cat nibbles on them
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) How to recognize and deal with geriatric health issues
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) What items you need to bring when you travel with your cat and stay in a hotel
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) How to recognize kitty senility--yep it happens in cats too
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) What NEVER to do when travelling by car with your cat
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) 15 essential items to consider when hiring a pet sitter
paw_print.gif (12x11 -- 96 bytes) And that’s just a fraction of what you get with "Cat Health Secrets"! say that?

If you are a cat owner, you need to read "Cat Health Secrets"!


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