The Adventures of Puff and Pooh

Hey kids, I'm Puff . . . or am I Pooh?  Follow me for the adventures of Puff and Pooh, two stray kittens who were rescued from the SPCA animal shelter.



The Animal Shelter

Unfortunately, Tom-Kitty was not at the shelter, and we thought we had lost him for good. While we were at the animal shelter, I happened to discover two brand new baby kittens that had just been brought in a few hours earlier. They were adorable.

new_kittens.jpg (300x225 -- 13977 bytes)Sadly, they were so young that they couldn't eat dry cat food, and the man at the shelter told us that they probably wouldn't survive because the shelter didn't have the staff to dedicate to the baby kittens.

This was not good news and I decided then and there that we would adopt these loveable kittens. We were told that they couldn't be released to us for three days. "What are we going to do", I asked? "They could die if they don't get proper nourishment and they can't eat dry food"?

Mom to the rescue

That day and for three days following, I went to the animal shelter and took wet cat food to our new "babies". I would feed the kittens by placing small amounts of food on the tip of my finger. I stayed there for hours each day hoping that our new kittens would be all right.

cats_in_bathtub.jpg (319x252 -- 8411 bytes)On the third day, I took our baby kittens home and made a place for them in our bathtub. They needed constant attention and we couldn't let them roam around the house. The bathtub made them feel safe and protected. They were too small to jump over the sides.

Oh, by the way... a few days after we brought the kittens home, Tom-Kitty reappeared on our doorstep. Tom developed a habit of going away and returning days or weeks later for a visit. Tom-Kitty was an outside cat and loved his independence.

Next we'll meet Puff and Pooh's sister, Pepper...

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