Which cat am I, Puff or Pooh?


Am I puff or am I pooh?

The adventures of Puff and Pooh . . . CLICK HEREFor kids of all ages. Watch these kittens grow from babies to adults.
A story about two stray cats rescued from the SPCA shelter

Welcome to the Adventures of Puff and Pooh.  An electronic book for kids (and everyone who loves cats) that chronicles the lives of two very special kittens and their journey through life - and across the United States.  We invite you to follow along as you learn why we believe these kitties are actually little angels wrapped in fur.  They're purrrrrrr-fect!


Build your own cat tree like Puff and Pooh's playground perch
DIY Cat Tree


Follow the story of our our cats playing and discovering their world

Read more about Puff and Pooh's adventures, click here!

In 2009, Puff and Pooh will turn seven years old.  It is said that cats have 9 lives, but our kitties are still living life #1 - and they remain a never ending source of enjoyment for our family.  On this website, you'll watch Puff and Pooh grow from kittens to full-grown, spoiled-rotten cats... and we enjoy spoiling them 'cause they deserve it!

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